High performance CD/DVD publishing solutionn

The new Producer III 6100N brings powerful CD/DVD production capabilities to everyone within an organization, making it as easy as using a network printer or copier. Unlike any other system, the Producer III 6100N delivers a client server experience through powerful, embedded computers, enabling the seamless connection of any desktop within an organization through a network or remote access.

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Over 17,000 companies around the world turn to Rimage for high-performance systems that deliver the quality, quantity and customization requirements critical publishing applications demand. Unlike any other system, the Producer III 6100N provides customers with a complete, central publishing system that acts like a network printer and is accessible to every user in an organization 24/7. From medical imaging and banking/finance, to retail and business services, Rimage Producer systems deliver more mission-critical applications than any other system in the industry today. Rimage Producer disc templates enable disc printing uniformity, providing the ability to convey corporate brand images and messages while ensuring ISO compliance.

Rimage print technologies meet every disc printing need – combining quality and speed to generate the best quality text and graphics printed directly to the disc. Everest600 and Everest III, whichare enhanced versions of Rimage’s pioneering thermal retransfer printing technology, enable users to create custom, colorful, high-resolution labels bonded directly to the surface of CDs and DVDs ? a permanent solution essential for many retail, medical and banking/finance applications.

The PrismPlus! delivers fast, low cost per disc printing. The PrismPlus! uses an indelible thermal process – no drying or curing time. It has rugged durability for 24-hour, 7-day use. Your production cost will be under 4 cents per disc – full coverage. And, talk about speed – your discs will print in less than 10 seconds per disc – full coverage! In addition, the PrismPlus! offers PerfectPrint – the ability to add precision printing on pre-silk screened discs.